Johnny Passion

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Johnny Passion is an as-yet-unsigned multi-genre singer/songwriter/guitarist and has three albums he’s working on.


Hard-Earned Love

A debut album and a concept album with that!
Status: Lyrics finalized, finalizing arrangements and memorizing lyrics! Expected to be completed by the end of summer 2016.

Tentative Track Listing:

  1. Rambling
  2. Hard Beginnings
  3. Bleedin’ Third-Eye Blues
  4. Boy Did I Ever Stumble
  5. Sitting On A Train
  6. Oh Riyanna Ro
  7. Brilliant James Tilley
  8. The Mighty River
  9. We Must Rise
  10. Her Eyes
  11. BombahMen & Lovin’People
  12. Kzorkian Love Anthem
  13. Landing
  14. Moonshine
  15. Sacred Song of Thank You

2. IMG_0056


Working on arrangements, must needs find a band for it.

3. red n golden brett

Pure Love (a 3-Act concept album)

This one requires the most work. I need to learn scales for this one. I’ll need a killer band and have to do arrangements for it and come up with bridges and layers. It’ll be a major project once the current ones are finished.



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