Brett’s Books

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Poetry Collections (in order of poem creation dates):

  1. Forgotten Incense: Poems from ’02-‘03
  2. Schizm: Poems from ’04-‘05
  3. Beatnik: Poems from ’06-‘07
  4. Out Tired Paris Cliché: Poems from ’08-‘09
  5. Electric Water: Poems from ’10-‘13
  6. Forever’s Crushing Dawn: Poems from ’14-‘15
  7. Give Me Humanity: Poems from ’16-‘17

Short Stories

Snap! Crackle! Breathe…. (Stories of Teh Awesomeness Vol. 1)

Full-length novels

So Bad It’s Good! Colony Number One pg. 77

Coming Summer/Fall 2018: The Mighty Pen Trilogy:

                1: The Ink Was Tears: May 2018

               2: Chemical Lobotomization & God: July 2018

               3: To Redeem The Skies: September 2018




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