Brett’s Poetry Books

1. Forgotten Incense

A beautiful and darkly mysterious poetry collection, my first from 2002 and 2003. Status: Published!

2. Schizm

Darker, like a moonless overcast night of the soul, but still with tortured beauty, and named after a long poem in the mind of a man losing his mind to drugs. So cool! poems circa 2004/2005

Status: Published!

3. Beatnik.

poems circa 2006-2007

Status: Published!

4. Our Tired Paris Cliche


Status: Published!
“Red eyes staring from Seurat’s Parisian streets,” opens the namesake poem of this collection, dating from 2008 and 2009. It is a poetry book which covers topics as wide ranging as feminism, spirituality, art, romance, and with a voice yearning for and seeking of greater truth. Available on Amazon, Createspace and Kindle as Our Tired Paris Cliche.

5. Electric Water

Love and Spirituality. Poems circa 2010-2013.
Available on Createspace and in a few days on Amazon and Kindle.

Status: Published

6. Forever’s Crushing Dawn

Status: Published!

In print and also in .PDF form, download it right here! Poems circa 2014-2015, this is a culmination of the style Electric Water and its spirituality, with pained love and hopeful love and a poem about the Isis War, a poetry book with progress and hope and pain.

7. Give Me Humanity

Status: In Print!

We need Humanity.