Cool Links

Cool Links about Everything. Some of these are mainstream, some aren’t, but it’s helpful:

1. Ram Dass (Spiritual): YouTube him, check out his books from Amazon or, if you’re lucky, your public library or local bookseller. Also, be sure to check him out at Ram Dass’ website (Love, Serve, Remember Foundation) He’s enlightened, he’s wise, he’s wonderful.

2. Pi PhD (Intellectual)

Pi PhD is an incredibly smart person who sees it as that his brain is fully awakened. I had some long and cool conversations with him, and he truly is vastly intelligent. At very least he’s interesting.This is the link to his website. Also, check out his youtube channel, Pi PhD, and on this webpage, check out the Books For Reference section.

3. Integral Life: (Spiritual and Intellectual)

Integral Theory holds a lot of weight, though it’s so cutting edge as a living philosophy that not all aspects of it are scientifically measurable or quantifiable. But all that is qualifiable in not inherently quantifiable. The Universe is smarter than that. Check this out here!

4. The Fourth Turning: Exploring The Future of Buddhism

An update of Buddhism from the man who is the leading force of Integral Theory itself, among others, this is the future of Buddhism.


Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more.” What more need be said?

6. Agent Query

Are you a writer with a hot book and want to be published? You want an agent, because they understand the publishing market and you don’t and don’t want to. So go to Agent Query to find one! Good luck, too, cuz it’s still not easy.

7. Elise Lebeau’s Empath Community

Being an empath doesn’t come with a user’s manual for your brain. It doesn’t even come with a certificate letting you know that you are one. Many people are and don’t know it. Or, even if you are one, you may not know how to turn it off and that can be a hectic, rough experience. Never fear; Elise Lebeau is here. Her EFT method and videos can really help a soul in trouble too.

8. Etsy

This is a store to buy cool things usually made by a single person, buying it directly from them. There’s so much cool stuff here it’s awesome. I’ll definitely be updating my wardrobe soon. Good God I need to do that.

9. Spirit Science and Metaphysics

Cool resource for just what you think it’s for.

10. Chios Energy Healing

For people who are into energy healing. I don’t know if this is real or baloney, but you get to decide.

11. Famous Relationships

Find out how to contact the rich and famous. Or the poor and famous. Good luck!

12. Trans 4 Mind

Really cool personal development resources lie (lay?) here.

13. Erowid

Great site on psychoactives. Be Informed.

14. Crazy Meds

It sucks to be on mental health meds. Here’s a great sight on them and people’s experiences with them. Again, be informed.

15. Ted Talks

Great talks by great and knowledgeable speakers. Ideas that are changing the world. Great mental-floss.

16. Reddit

A site where lots of people talk about just about everything. Just stay clear of the paranoid conspiracy theory crap and the horrific illnesses section.

17. Craigslist

Kind of an online “Classifieds.” Good for tons of stuff.

18. Ebay & paypal

Ebay is a massive online auction site, where you can get pretty much anything under the sun. Cool stuff. Paypal is the best, most secure way to pay for tons of stuff online.

19. Couchsurfing

Traveling? Stay with locals instead of in crappy hotels.

20. Daily Audio Bible

Reading the bible can be dense and a bummer. Hear it read in a super comprehensible loving way that puts the magic back into the #1 best seller of all time.

21. Soundcloud and Mixcloud

Listen to great music, upload great music, listen to the music of your friends. Have a blast.

22. Electoral-vote

Interested in U.S. politics, want to know what’s really going on, in all its glory and inglory, but in a political science kind of way? Check this site out.

23. LinkedIn

A professional website for networking, impressing people, and getting a killer-cool job. It’ll ask for a resume. There are great websites for building your resume online, so do a bit of research on it to make one that really pops. Keep brainstorming for your resume; you’ve probably done a lot more than you realize, won more awards, have cool hobbies or interests, whatever. It can be fun to look for work.

24. Deviant Art

Check out and buy an insane amount of art from this cool site.


A website for my friends in the Wastè community and their music and fun times. Deeply buried within is some videos from a party I was at a million years ago, and I’m the super skinny cute guy with very long hair. 😀

26. Newegg & Pricewatch

Need computer supplies, or parts for a PC, or a PC itself? Check these sites out!

27. Elance

Find work as a freelance writer.

28. Createspace

Interested in self-publishing a book? Look no further. If you don’t do the extra things, like contract out the creation of the cover or pay Amazon (this is an Amazon company) to market it, it’s free to publish and sell books on amazon or buy copies to distribute on your own. Wootles!

29. Drinkify

This is silly and fun, for people over the legal drinking age of 16. Did I say that? Well, it IS (in Britain. I’m partly British so it’s like a home. You may be too, for all I know). Anyway, you tell it what you’re listening to (I think) and it comes up with a drink for that song or album. I haven’t yet been to the site, I think you have to sign up and that’s a turn-off for me. Oh well.

30. That One Song, on This Is My Jam

People upload music and you can hear it. Crazy amounts of good music on it.

31. Bernie Sanders’ campagin site

This guy is cool as hell. I was going to say “Cool as heck” to be politically correct, but “Cool as heck” isn’t cool at all. Laf.

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