Brett’s Psychological Survival Guide

1.don't panic, yo =)

Having a bad trip? Just go here

*note* if you see this link and think it may be useful, be sure to bookmark the link, not this webpage, because if you’re having a bad trip, you want things to be as easy and simple as possible towards recovery and rocking-ness.

2. Are you “overly sensitive” as some would put it? Do you feel how the people around you feel, even become emotionally changed by nonhuman things you perceive? Are you kinda always tripping? If so, you may be an EMPATH, and if you don’t know how to deal with it, you are likely an “impaired empath” which is really an empath who doesn’t know how to control it and turn it on and off. Well, rock on, I was, maybe sometimes I am still so handicapped.

The good news is that there’s help and a community for these “like-brained” souls.Elise Lebeau and the Empath Community I hope this helps!


3. Check out the Spirituality section. Particularly in-between these two topics is Radical Acceptance and Letting Go # 2.

4. Exercise!

5. Stay away from bad porn!

6. Use that creative mind of yours to make simple easy tasty healthful meals. It can be done! Enjoy health!

7. Stay Within yourself. Keep your consciousness centered in the center of your brain, where there are fewer thoughts and healing naturally happens.