Coping with ______

This is just a series of links to google searches of coping strategies for various common psychological problems:


Depression¬†(Also, the best healing method for it is to find or pay someone to talk to, and just TALK. Exercise those vocal cords. Talk about anything, even read a phone book, just TALK. It’ll empower you and get yourself out of yourself and seems to really work wonders for some people)



Grief and Death (of another)


Got the idea?¬† You can google all this stuff, or any other problem. The real issue is IDENTIFYING what’s wrong. Trying to live a balanced¬†healthy life is the key solution, because if your life is normal, what’s abnormal becomes a lot easier to identify than if your life is helter skelter. Work on it, it comes with time and love and luck and patience and practice. That’s all for this