Personal Shadow & How To Heal It

If some information informs you, that’s healthy shadow. If it affects you, overriding your will, positively or negatively, that’s not healthy and that’s a personal shadow issue. It can be not being able to stand the voice of Rush Limbaugh or Barack Obama. It can be that guy that just rubs you the wrong way, his voice is too loud and he smiles too damn much and his laugh is grating. It can be that person that  you love a little too much and are uncomfortable with it. Even that’s not the most unhealthy it can be. The worst is when it’s not a person but a kind of objective force, like you feel the hatred of Jehova.

Well, there’s a simple method for dealing with it. There are books on the personal shadow, it’s a well-known aspect of psychology, so feel free to do your own research. But the 3-2-1 Shadow Integration Method is here for you. This website also explains it better than I can.