Mythologies of Resilience

The man behind the Mythology of Resilience, Jeremy Sandrick.



Tom Guinness plays Damon Andariego. It’s a work in progress, but check out what’s available and more as it comes up. As this is posted on 4-21-’16, just today the first shoot with Jeremy as photographer, wardrobe creator, and director and Tom as Damon took place. After being processed, they’ll be up on one of these links, be sure to check them all out! More to come!


Damon Andariego on AllPoetry

Mythologies of Resilience on Blogspot


WHAT IS The Mythologies of Resilience? Well, it’s taking shape, but it’s a concept that’s being created in multiple formats to tell tales of a future time with golden cities and poverty elsewhere, post-apocalyptic, steampunk and cyberpunk all together. It’s cool.