# 11. Be Here & Now Meditation

The time doesn’t change. The digits on the clock change, the arms of the clock move, but the time is always now. The place is always here. Once fully realized, this is an incredibly-profound truth.

What gives this meditative technique so much power is realizing that everything you’ve ever been or done, that’s still you, it’s all present in you. All your glories and treasures and high moments and times of ecstasy, they’re all yours in the here and now. You haven’t lost anything; it’s given you grit and character and glory. It invites you to open the door to who and what you used to be if you’ve lost it, to reclaim lost wisdom and goodness.

It works very simply: You ask yourself “Where am I?” You answer: “Here.” Q. “What time is it?” “A. Now.” You say it until you feel it and you can keep saying it then if you’d like, and you just may, because once you feel it, it’s remarkably cool and can hurl you into Zen. It just did for me! Enjoy!