#14. Art, Science, Zen & Glory

Nothing feeds creativity and enthusiasm so much as glory does.

The glory is in what you’re achieving, in the act of the actual writing. The glory is in mastering it, and continuously getting better. If you don’t feel that you’re continuously getting better, work on something else. Either what you’re working on is too easy or it’s too difficult, or it just isn’t working out. You need it to be the right level of difficult and inspiration. Inspiration comes when it chooses too, so no need to rush it, simply capitalize on it when it’s there and keep it alive.

To feel true “zen glory,” it can’t be all about you. Yes, you have to share your work with people to gain confidence. More than that, you have to share your love of it. But it’s so much about you that what you need the most is to love art itself, and breathe in the glory of the greats, share your enthusiasm for them when you don’t have it for your own stuff, and that’ll guide you to writing things that you truly do dig and then it won’t be all about your own sorry self.

But more glory exists. The glories of the natural world. The glory of science. The glory of technology. The glory of elden times that lives still. The glory of imagination. The glory of all the arts, and philosophies, of spirituality. The glory of the adults who are children who have survived. The glory of the love in everyone’s heart, and the glory of intelligence. Hey, if you go that far out, or are conversely that square, the Glory of God. At least you can be mesmerized by the glory of the fractal nature of reality and its evolutionary nature. The glory of intellect and imagination and creation and just how far we’ve truly come and how much further we will have gone when our young are our old. See, you have to live in your dream by making reality your dream.

The way to turn zen into creative genius is to see the glory of art is its ability to show you zen, both for the creator of the work and the audience. Even if there is no audience for the longest time, the glory exists still, and it’s the glory of zen. The growing realization of the incredible abundance of Zen in the universe turns this glory into a real-world thing and creation that ups it into brilliance. And to follow the brilliance is to achieve and be adding to the Zen of the Universe, and this is great in an unlimited way.