# 13. The Personal God & Suspension of Disbelief

The Personal God is a good, good friend. Essentially, it’s your imaginary best friend, so as long as you have a healthy enough imagination that that doesn’t seem stupid, it can be as real as you need. But here’s the thing: Lots of people don’t have that healthy of imaginations.

So here’s my technique for achieving a personal connection with God: Gently believe it’s real. When I was a kid, I had my own alien realm and really cool ideas for how I could have another body doing other things in a different dimension and yet be living my life here too. I would NOT accept it being called “Imagination” because it became so real. I could do anything I wanted to, experience any experience. I was never, and I repeat NEVER bored, for a solid six years. Then I lost faith. But what was so cool about it was that it was SO me. It was a way of being more whole. And when I could eat a delicious pizza when I was hungry and not worry about it not being real, content that I’d actually be fed soon, well…it just worked. It fueled my creativity like nothing else too.

Was it immature? I thought people thought it was. But when it’s so good, you realize that you’re the sane one and they’re the wackos. And you take this immense joy in it. It’s really cool, and it makes your actual world matter a little bit less. Obviously, this isn’t for someone with an insane amount of responsibility, but it is too, to help them decompress when the time is right. There’s nothing crazy about this. Or immature.

So the Personal God is like this “imagination” best friend, father mother being, and the point is that it takes suspension of disbelief just like my world did. Just like plays require. Just like playing requires. In fact, the more you do this WHEN you play, the more awesome the experience will be.

The point of the Bible is that it’s a tool for gaining this suspension of disbelief, and it’s got the wisdom to prove its point. That’s why it’s The Good Book, is because it has the morality and love, and it had the intelligence to, with help in the right way by a spiritual/religious group, prove its point. Because there IS truth to God. But the personal God is the one that you’re utterly forgiven before, the one who loves you utterly and the thing is, you don’t have to become a preacher or particularly show off your religious beliefs, they can be personal and when it comes to the personal God, probably should be. But when things get tough, you’ve got your friend/mom/dad there and it is a soothing balm. And the stories of the Bible are simply designed to help you triangulate into that and the other aspects of God. But all you need to know is that there’s this being in your imagination who forgives you utterly and it works and is amazing if you suspend your disbelief and just seriously question “Well, why the Hell ISN’T my imagination real?”