# 14. Zen, Art, & Glory

“Glory is the great show put on by dualism, by black and white, good and evil, yin and yang, 0’s and 1’s.” –Byron Bay.

If you want to really love your own art form, you must see the Zen in it, and in all art, because that ability it has to make you feel Zen is glorious, and to work on glorious pieces of art, you must recognize the glory in other things, to gain enthusiasm and really rock at what you’re doing. This is the relationship between the freedom of Zen and art, the freedom of the soul and spirit and electric genius creation. If you want to be a truly great artist, you have to experience all reality as though it’s art and feel the glory in it. You feel the glory in it by taking a step back from it all and appreciating it for the ineffable human condition it is. Take a step back and see it all as being a play and see what it teaches. Then, when you’re inspired, you’ll be able to express with profundity and glory.