# 16. How To Be A Superhero

How to be a superhero in the war against negativity:

Recognize that yes, some stuff sucks, but there’s never a need to be negative. The power of your superherodom is your ability to stay positive. Neem Karoli Baba was happy that his life was filled with suffering because it brought him so close to God. Baba works in mysterious ways and I wouldn’t venture to say that I understand how that worked, but what makes me feel like a superhero is when I experience something that would make another turn negative and don’t allow it to make me lose my stride. To find an inner peace and happiness so profound that we’re no longer at the whim of the world. To love the thrill of flying above the world’s lacerations. It doesn’t mean you don’t cry, it doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means that you’re invincible and the only one you’re accountable to is God him/her/itself. That happens when you’ve conquered an awful lot of negativity. Glide above it. It’ll pick up steam and power and be the lift under your wings.

Here’s where this becomes really cool: (yeesh, it’s hard to write and remain focused. I badly injured my back and finally saw a masseuse today who did stuff besides massage (she told me what it was; I can’t recall the name, but she did refer to it as “extreme yoga.” I like that. She suggested I ice it, drink plenty of water, and take an Epsom salt bath, did all of those and now it’s hard to keep my eyes open.)

It gives you direction. All the other Zen and God stuff I’ve posted is fine and dandy, but doesn’t really motivate you to do too much except wallow in how much God there is. Which is fine, but it isn’t being productive or fighting the war against crapola. When you see that it’s a battle against negativity and for positivity, then you do whatever you love and are good at to keep the home fires burning in our hearts. And you do it from that superhero place inside you. Funk yeah.