#18. What Enlightenment Is Like

The first things one notices in a satori or awakening experience is that all things are one and there is no self; we’re simply awareness, and this is what Emptiness is about, because awareness is spacious and empty. But enlightenment is a great fiery feeling, an energy and vivifying electrical awareness. It’s good, it’s really truly fucking awesome. It’s magical and the best feeling in the world. I’ve heard it said that it isn’t, and if that’s so then what I’m feeling must not be enlightenment, but then I challenge them to tell me what it is. It feels like happiness but it isn’t quite what happiness is. Happiness is an overflowing of positive emotion, this isn’t an emotion but a quality to existence that exists always, everywhere, and is free to be found by anyone. That’s gotta be just about the greatest fact in the Universe. Though this isn’t happiness, it makes me profoundly happy. My happiness could fill the world.