# 4. Zen is about Feeling

People sometimes think meditation is about sitting and thinking, but it’s really about sitting and feeling. Zen is all about the feelings one has that aren’t necessarily emotions, at least not named ones, but rather the almost artistic ambiance of naked, raw experiencing. It’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s profound, it’s full of love, it’s mesmerizing. It’s full of meaning and significance and it’s the true meaning of life, for in this meaningful place exists all true meaning. It creates happiness. It creates peace. It creates love. It’s awesome. Imagine feeling so fully that just sitting looking at a wall and watching your breath is fun, because you feel it in your heart-cave or the heart of your mind.

So take care of yourself. You’ll feel it in time. No worries.

You must relieve the thinking work tension to get there. People feel but then quickly add a comment, often judging, to their experience. You feel a drop of rain. You can feel the rain or judge it as negative. Bob Dylan said “Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.” That’s what it’s about, is feeling the rain. Feel your experience. Let go of the stuff that’s preventing you from feeling it. Do that by feeling it, disengaging thinking and judging mind, just feel and accept it and let it radiate out of you, until you’re just feeling. If there’s a problem, deal with it and come back to this. If you can’t deal with it or don’t want to just now, then just feel it. Amen.

-Brett and Byron Bay