# 6. Zen comes from Within

What is all this jazz about how truth and beauty and love and light come from within? Doesn’t the stuff that keeps us from that also come from within?

Not really. It manifests in the within, but it comes from external judgments and energies. Another word for “energies” is “ambiance” or even, more or less, “experiences.” EXTERNAL experiences. They manifest within, after they’ve been experiences from “Without.” Without means outside of you, without your magical inner touch.

But deeper, deeper within you is pure joy and zen and God and whatever you need to call it. The best is “my soul’s truth.”

So here’s what you do: You find something, be it dancing, dressing up, art, writing, acting, whatever, but it’s gotta be creative. You do it. Get in the habit of it. Have it be free time, meditation time, and you give yourself to it. It can definitely also be reading good, not too logical rational intellectual of books.

Personally, for me it’s writing and sometimes music.

Then you will learn true magic…