# 8. Slow Down, open your heart (cool meditative practices)

Mindfulness is not difficult if you slow down and begin doing everything you do with intention. You slow down and you focus on what you’re doing. It’s much easier if you slow down, and the key to not becoming bored by going more slowly is to liberate your mind from the notion that there’s anything else you have to do just then, or that you don’t have enough time. You do have enough time. You have plenty of time, if you slow down and work at the pace where your every action is intentional and planned. That’s mindfulness. Holding your action in your mind while you do it.

For instance, while I’m typing these words, I’m focusing on the typing and just holding the idea of it in my mind while I do it. I end up writing more easily and accurately. It’s cool. After doing this a while, you begin to love your actions. You give in to the reverent quietness where from comes intention itself. This really isn’t difficult. Just pay attention to what you’re doing and engage yourself with it. I think that people overthink a lot of spiritual things and the language isn’t quite right to simplify things to make sense easily. Mindfulness begins to seem like a far-out or difficult thing. But it’s easy-peasy.

Now, open your heart. Think about someone or something you love. Feel that love in your heart, warmth within. Then take another person, and focus on loving them. Know that others can feel it, wherever they are, they can feel it. Then more people. You can look through your facebook friends and just melt into loving them. Phone contacts. Brainstorming, even loving acquaintances. It’s so good for you and your mood and your life. Do it a lot. Hold that warmth within, and love, baby, love.

Here’s what these two things do: Mindfulness can fill your life with One Taste, a miraculous state where you sense the utter and incredible sacredness of everything, life becomes fun and beautiful, you relax yourself through slowing down and recognizing the reasons why you sped up, and you let go of them and relax. You end up being more safe by slowing down and being mindful and it also opens up the doorway to Zen.

Focusing on love fills your life with miracles, sane cool miracles. It fills your life with warmth and beauty. Things have a tendency to work out and this also aids in the journey to One Taste. Between these two practices, life gains a mesmerizing quality and evil leaves your life. Don’t let go of it or forget how you attained it. 😀

Woo-Hoo! Love ya, sunshine.