#9. Radical Acceptance & Letting Go#2

Maybe you’re bored as hell, or your life feels meaningless and dark. You want peace, but where to find it? In the unlikeliest of all places: you find it in accepting completely the situation you find yourself in now. You accept that you’re bored, or cold, or fat or fuzzy in all the wrong places.

That’s the ultimate way of letting go. Accept it. Once you accept it for exactly what it is, that you’re angry or bored or scared or sad, you’re no longer fighting it, and you find peace, because peace is not-fighting. It makes it no longer about yourself but more about a situation and opens the door to Soul-level Witness self, which in effect is seeing the world through a vision that is “higher” or more like a book or play, you see the action and drama of it all but it’s not about you anymore, and as a result, it has the silent, reverent beauty of the human condition. That’s Zen, baby, or rather Zen-lite, the kind of demo version of Zen, the full version being even beyond this when you enter the realm of “Spirit.” More on that in a further installment.