Wisdom from Byron Bay #1: The Power of Habits

We were chatting over a beer (a single beer; he wasn’t drinking) about Zen and life and whatever. He brought up the power of habits.

“I realized that habits are very powerful. They help you to accomplish things a little bit at a time, and essentially on autopilot. I used to think that they took away freedom and didn’t want habits, but now I see that they actually allow you the freedom to accomplish and have a better quality of life because you’re not just sitting down wondering what to do but you say sure a cookie sounds good but I’ve cooked and¬†eaten well and am full and healthy and don’t need that cookie, and I get back home and don’t have to think about walking her because I have a habit for that, it happens, and we both get exercise.

“It also works synergistically with both¬†good habits as well as bad habits. I have lots of books I want to read but if I do it as I read when I want to read it never gets done and then I pick up another book because I don’t have the discipline, so I get in the habit of it and I bring that book to work with me and read over lunch and I finish books. It’s great.

“I was sick of being tired at work, so I started eating more healthfully, and you do it not because you “Should” but because it makes you feel better and more energetic, and I exercise Dottie and myself, and that gives me more energy.”

“Good habits don’t eliminate free time, they just allow you to use it more effectively.”

Ef ya, Byron Bay