# 2. Zen: So it comes, so it goes

I lost my Zen aspect for a couple of days. Got all lost in my head again. Working on writings that aren’t that good, and that I can’t resurrect. Was working on this crappy autobiography that I never again want anything to do with. It got me down. Plus, before that, I hadn’t eaten enough one day and it put in this super messed up hell place that I think might be similar to what people that trip and go to hell experience. It threw me for a loop, and my zen was all gone.

This too is something to be zen with. You just let it go, don’t worry about it. That’s the best way to get it back. Resolve what’s been dragging you down, and don’t worry about it, just allow it to naturally return on its own when its comfortable. Trust the zen.

Here’s a couple other ideas if it’s being stubborn. Practice loving things. Zen is love. Nirvana is love. The Holy Spirit is love. Love is something you feel, it’s not an act in and of itself, though actions can and do come out of it. It reorients you. Here’s how you practice loving things:

You celebrate *anything* for it being exactly what it is. You celebrate your headphones for being so headphony. You celebrate your chair for being so chair. You celebrate carpet for being so carpet. Just try it. Go “I wuv you you silly carpet that’s so amazingly super carpet. Good carpet.” Be playful.

The other idea is, if you have a Jimmy John’s in your area, go in and hang out inside for the free smells they advertise. That’s just soooooo zen.

And be zen with it.