How To Pray and Have It Work

How To Pray & Have It Work

Upload your joys and problems into the cloud. That’s it.

I didn’t pray for the longest time because it seemed selfish to make demands on God, for I recognized that God is a busy ‘guy’ and if I wished for something specific to happen it might not be for the best; God knows best. So I didn’t pray. Then a monk explained to me that lots of people pray by talking to God, but few know to listen to. This was the beginning of me learning that our general conception of prayer is as asking God for shit is dead-wrong.

I found a higher way to pray. My higher way to pray was uploading the problems to God. I do it by nonconceptually focusing on the situation, really almost the *feel* of it, and uploading it up my spine through the top of my head into the “cloud” that is God. Letting Him sort it out, trusting Him to, and simply uploading the situation in all its trouble and humanity.

So far, it seems to work. The more people we can have doing this, the better it’ll work!

God bless!