The Glory of Humility

The greatest way to feel is to have humility. It returns essence back to life. It’s hard to say quite what that is, but you’ve experienced it as a baby. Humility makes one as unto a baby. I think of the years I rocked imagination, rocked playfulness, rocked life. I had no higher goals for anything, no pains, nothing to take me out of my unutterable freedom. Oh, i had Freedom. And it was because, and only because, I had humility. Humility is everything. The very reason we lose connection with God is that we lose our ability to be naked before him, and humility is just that. Humility is seeing ourselves with wonder and love as babies of the Universe. Humility is the way to see things for the very first time, yet again. It’s true innocence.

Imagine the court jester. He’s obviously the most humble one of all, as he makes fun of himself through his whole life. That’s even his profession. But he’s also the smartest and perhaps most powerful one in the whole court. It’s because it’s a great virtue to be humble. And virtues make your life fucking awesome and make God work for you. People wonder why God isn’t helping them? Either because they’re not virtuous or because God has a greater plan that, though mysterious, will be revealed with time. That’s glory. And to be a baby and child before God? That’s humility, that’s innocence, and that’s to feel life as if reborn and anew for the first time. Enjoy, and Godbless!