To Live In Spirit

How do we live in Spirit? It has to be a total thing. That means that you have to define yourself a being living for Spirit; not for music, for your job, for your family, for your passions. This is your passion, and all the other things that you do are illuminated and purified by it.

Your whole world is shaped by it. Your way of interacting with and experiencing reality. You do spiritual things, like meditate, pray, read holy books or real new age spiritual mumbo jumbo that’s cool, listen to sacred worship music. It’s cool.

Christ Consciousness, God Consciousness, Buddha Consciousness, all these things that change one, and perhaps in the hopes that it redeems evil, but Buddhism expands your consciousness and then leaves you there bereft. Well, there’s ugly shit that’s hard to make sense of, some is senselessness itself. There truly is incredible darkness, and to be lost in it is to be lost itself. But being lost isn’t the end of the story, because one can escape, there is still light to be found, beautiful healing light. And love, so incredible and real. And wisdom, so true and ancient, and beauty, so delicious. There’ s so much. Christianity handles the darkness better than the others, by facing it, acknowledging it, and working through it.

The understanding of evil is that it’s deviation from God. But just like in an opera, all dissonances eventually find perfect harmonization. There’s much more the the Christian understanding than that, but evil destroys itself.


That’s all for this thought. pEace.