The Band Famous


Meet The Band Famous, currently located in Los Angeles but originating in the Minneapolis area. They have a unique dark, sexy ambient tone with Norell’s powerful voice and inspirational lyrics, and if you’re into this kind of thing you’ll love it, and if you don’t know, check out the video above. They’ve just released a single off their upcoming second album, Awakening. Their first album, Last Words, is unique in its distribution; they are the first band to self-release a debut album in the form of a “smart album” that can only be played on their own iPhone and Android app, so on the iPhone App Store or Android Google Play, check out The Band Famous. Additionally, they stream live shows through their app, which is also a first.

Norell is also a model and a personal friend of the Emporium, and her band mate Zander has been big in the Minneapolis art scene, including cutting-edge body painting, which they do in their live shows. Their third member, Terry, is based in Saint Paul, MN, and is an app guru himself – see for details. The Band Famous has also been featured on the Tom Green Show! Be sure to check out their new single, “Promises”, and we can all look forward to the launch of their 2nd album this fall!