Who Brett Is (And Isn’t); Disambiguation

Brett Harrison has written the books featured on http://amazon.com/author/brettharrisonauthor, as well as the (very) limited release memoir The Mighty Pen: Chemical Lobotomization and Youthful Geniusand has released the album Hard-Earned Love. THAT IS ALL THAT HE HAS RELEASED FOR SALE. He HAS NOT Released Christmas music, that’s another Brett Harrison. He is NOT a professional hockey player, and he is NOT Bret Michael Harrison who, contrary to google’s assessment, did NOT release Hard-Earned Love. He is NOT Brett Ashcroft Harrison, the writer, and he has NOT released ANY OTHER BOOKS at this time. His blog, however, is justanartistwalking.blogspot.com. His facebook author page is facebook.com/brettharrisonauthor/, and his facebook musician page is facebook.com/brettharrisonmusic. He is NOT Bret Harrison, the actor in Reaper. He has not published any academic or historical novels. He is not a drummer.

Why did he not choose another name? “I tried many other names,” he said. “People just kept telling me I was Brett Harrison and calling me by Brett. I’ve been something of a local legend, or maybe just character,” (he laughed), “in my area and have been around for a long time, most of my life. And I’ve had a pretty damn epic life for one as “young” as I am.” So I figured I was stuck with it, and I also figured that by the day I’ll die I’ll have done more and better things with the name than anyone else. Call it a conceit, but I call it a vision.”